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At The Law House of Orlando. P.A., we are legal fixers with diverse cultural backgrounds and significant professional accomplishments that understand what your case needs, and have the knowledge, determination, resources, and experience to get it done. This includes representing clients in all phases of family law litigation. In any serious relationship, it is important to give consideration to your future plans, as well as to get to know the person that you will be spending a lot of time with for the foreseeable future. The attorney-client relationship is no different. For this reason, we urge you to give us a call today to confidentially discuss your case, as well as your particular needs and wants.

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Divorce filings are rarely straightforward legal cases. These filings are so complicated because they include multiple types of disputes, such as splitting marital assets, child custody issues, spousal support and many other problems.

Because of this complexity, you need a lawyer who can manage all the potential complications that may arise in your divorce. Attorney Fanash is a divorce attorney who has over ten years of legal experience in Family Law. His
knowledge enables him to handle both collaborative and antagonistic divorce filings effectively. You can talk to Attorney Fanash by scheduling a consultation at The Law House of Orlando, P.A.

What can happen in your divorce?

When a couple decides to file divorce, many previously undiscussed issues can become serious conflicts. For parents, these disputes can become even more heated because they will need to consider child support and visitation. Just a few of the common divorce issues that can cause a dispute include; marital assets and property division, child custody, parenting time and visitation, child support payments, spousal support (alimony), marital property, asset and debt division, and division of retirement benefits including military benefits.


Attorney Fanash helped many people resolve their divorce disputes so that they can move forward with their lives in a positive direction. Attorney Fanash can create a plan for these potential disagreements and help you get the best possible outcome for your divorce. Attorney Fanash will work closely with you throughout your divorce and fight to get your desired marital assets. He will help you organize your finances and make sure that you are set up for long-term financial success. We will go over your case details and determine if alternatives to divorce, such an annulment, are possible.


Domestic violence cases are some of the most challenging family law issues that a person can face. If you are a victim of domestic violence, you may be afraid for your safety or the safety of your children. People who are falsely accused of domestic violence can have their reputation ruined and may lose custody of their children. No matter what side of a domestic abuse case you are on, you need trusted legal help who can protect your rights. At The Law House of Orlando, P.A., we help people in the Orlando area who are facing domestic violence cases.

Attorney Fanash has represented many clients in Florida and Colorado domestic violence matters. If you are facing physical or mental abuse perpetrated by your spouse or another close family member, your first priority is your well-being. Please contact law enforcement and get immediate help if you fear for the safety of yourself or your children. Once you and your family are safe, your next step is to a call an experienced lawyer who can help you get legal protection. Attorney Fanash has helped many people who experienced abuse obtain restraining orders, also called protective orders. These orders give victims of violence the legal protection to stop all contact from their abusers and to keep the abusers far away from the victims’ home, work and children.

If the abuser breaks the terms of the restraining order, they may face jail time and other grave consequences. Once a restraining order is in place, attorney Fanash can help victims of abuse plan their next steps, including divorce or separation.

Domestic violence can also affect the accused’s custody of their children and divorce proceedings. Because of the potential impact of these allegations, it is essential for those who are falsely accused of abuse to act immediately. Attorney Fanash protects the rights of those who are accused of abuse, and he truly believes that everyone deserves the presumption of innocence. 

His experience on both sides of domestic violence cases allows him to create effective legal strategies. You can learn more about how our lawyer can help you by scheduling your consultation. Call the firm now to set up your consultation.


In divorce cases involving children, child custody and visitation can be a parent’s highest priority. At The Law House of Orlando, P.A., we have a thorough understanding of Florida child custody law, hearings and procedures.

We can help you under the applicable Florida child custody laws and represent your interests in the courtroom. Attorney Fanash will help you create a personalized case strategy and fight to get you the best possible outcome for your custody case.

What to expect in your child custody case?

In a typical child custody legal battle, the family court judge will decide who gets custody based on what is the best interests of the child or children. The court bases their custody decision on what will give the child the highest quality of life, which can include many factors related to both parents and their child. 

Mediation is mandatory and is often the first step for resolving child custody and divorce differences. In mediation, a meeting with a neutral party will most often take place to bridge the gap between both spouses concerning all aspects of a divorce including child custody. The role of the mediator is to suggest solutions that help both sides create a collaborative custody agreement. If the mediation attempts fail, the case will end up in court for a judge to rule on the matter. It is important to note that child custody and a child support order are two different things. 


Child support is a monthly payment paid by one parent to the other. The parent receiving payment can then use this money to pay for the child’s life needs and to improve their standard of living. Because these potentially expensive payments last until a child turns 18 years of age, many parents have strong feelings about child support and disputes can arise.

At The Law House of Orlando, P.A., our skilled attorney helps parents in the Orlando area get fair child support agreements. We will build a case that shows the courts your financial situation and the needs of your child.


Alimony, also called spousal maintenance or support, can be one of the most contentious matters in a divorce. A mandatory payment from one former spouse to another can stoke animosity and strain a person’s finances. Because of the high likelihood of a serious dispute, it is crucial for you to have a capable family lawyer who can represent your best interests. At The Law House of Orlando, P.A., our lawyer has the experience and a long record of resolving disputes and obtaining favorable results for our clients.

How does the court determine alimony payments?

Florida courts determine who will receive alimony, the total payment amount and the length of payments by reviewing many factors. These factors include the length of the marriage, each person’s ability to provide for themselves, the ability of the other spouse to pay, and the physical and circumstances of both spouses.

Unlike child support, there are no strict guidelines that family court judges must follow in an alimony case. Therefore, the strength of your courtroom argument can significantly impact the outcome of your case. Judges can award alimony many types of alimony, including; on a temporary basis, in a lump-sum payment, until the death or remarriage of the payee spouse, or until the payee spouse can support themselves.

Once the court creates an alimony order, it can be difficult to change. Our alimony attorney will fight to get you the best possible outcome in your first case.


 Annulments are a relatively uncommon family law issue that not every attorney can handle. To qualify for an annulment, the couple must meet specific requirements and present their case to a Florida family court judge. The Law House of Orlando, P.A. can help couples in the Orlando metro area annul their marriages and move forward with their lives.

The fastest way for you to determine if you qualify for an annulment is to contact our office and speak with our  experienced family law attorney.


Who can get an annulment?

While annulments are similar to divorce filings, the main difference is that in legal terms it will be as if your marriage never existed. Because an annulment eliminates a marriage, there are strict requirements for who can get an annulment. Generally, these restrictions are related to information that if a person knew beforehand, they would not have married. There are many reasons why a Florida family court judge may grant an annulment, including; both individuals are closely blood-related, a spouse was already married to another person before getting married again, the marriage was the result of fraud, a spouse is not mentally fit or was not of sound mind at the time of marriage, one spouse forced another into marriage. 

Call The Law House of Orlando, P.A. to see what our attorney can do for you based on your circumstances to determine if an annulment is possible.


Although it can be a difficult subject to discuss with someone whom you are going to marry, it’s highly advisable to talk about having an attorney draft a prenuptial agreement. At The Law House of Orlando, P.A. we helped many clients through this step to insure their financial safety in the future. Call The Law House of Orlando, P.A. to discuss this matter with attorney Fanash so you can figure out how to bring it up and what you need to do to protect yourself.